La Llave - Alojamiento Rural

La Llave: La Casa

La Llave is a typical Leonesa's house from the XVII century, it was completely restored during 2006 and 2007. The house maintains all its charm and splendor from the past times, with stone walls, wooden floors, high ceilings with chestnuts tree beams, forge balconies... Its rustic and welcoming decoration makes the guest to enjoy and relax, calm atmosphere and friendly hostess... Our living room and coofee&tea room is the perfect place to meet new people, read a book or magazine or to listen to music.

Alojamiento Rural

La Llave it has 4 rooms:

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La Llave has got a coffeehouse. We offer a selection of coffee, tea and infusions accompained with a choise of fresh and homemade bakery. Breakfast is served at the same room between 8 am and 10 am, full breakfast, continental breakfast, this is the plece to enjoy and to start the day with the perfect brekfast. It also has theseservices:

  • Access to Internet (area Wi-Fi)
  • Music
  • Public bathroom
  • Table games
  • Daily Newspapers
  • Animals are not admitted
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Villafranca del Bierzo

Other activities to do in Villafranca del Bierzo:

  • To go for a walk beside the Burbia
  • Routes by bicycle or by foot around the town
  • Hiking [Rural Iberica]
  • Fishing
  • Hiking [Guheko] and [Espacio Rural, tu guía de turismo rural en España]
  • River Beach
  • Hunting
  • Visits to monuments
  • Cinema and theater
  • Camino de Santiago (Route French) [routes]
  • To enjoy the fabulous gastronomy of the Bierzo, as their typical products as they are:
  • Apple Reineta of the Bierzo, apple with a high hardness, balance between acidity and sweetness, ideal so much for fresh consumption as to cook.
  • Botillo, which is a sausage made with pork flash.
  • Grilled Pepper del Bierzo, harvested by hand, then roasts traditionally grilled and peeled by hand.
  • Pear Conference del Bierzo, has a high level of sugars and low acidity, resulting in a trial is impossible to forget its flavor. Its external appearance, with sharp curves and a brown layer that covers much of its surface, making it easily recognizable.
  • Enjoy wines typical of the region such as del Bierzo La Mencía, a variety that reaches an exceptional quality and offers the development of Great Wines Red Rose and attractive color and intense expression on varietal nuances, and the Godello, which produces Great White wines tone yellow straw-covered, with a strong sense of fresh fruit and mature. Some wines to try are Airola, Moon, or PV.
Villafranca del Bierzo
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The festivities in Villafranca del Bierzo
  • January
  • January 28: Day of Santo Tirso: bonfire and dinner with orchestra.
  • February
  • Carnivals: Party of disguises in the Gardens of the Town and dance in The Square.
  • March - April
  • Easter: Images and brotherhoods "Knights of Mudos. Brotherhoods, processions and drinking lemonade berciana.
  • May
  • May 1: "Parties of the Mays": Night prior to May 1: Round poetic: Cañabeiros, Xestos and Yedra to unmarried women, by individual districts; bagpipes are played in the Castle and snack.
  • June
  • June 13: "Day of San Antonio" - Market Year: selling cattle and typical products.
  • July
  • July 16: "Carmen Day": Pilgrimage
  • July 25: "Day Santiago": Bazaar of the year
  • August
  • "Fair Wine": Tasting products of Bierzo
  • September
  • "Celebration of Christ of Hope": Feast employers from 12 to 15 September: processions, Verbena, concerts, dances...
  • October
  • November
  • December
what to do in the area of Bierzo?
  • Season Ski Leitariegos: [web]
  • Golf-Golf Club Bierzo: [web]
  • Las Medulas: [web]
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  • Ponferrada: [web]
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